Free Zone

  • Sale or rent of warehousing space to export services or for commercial or manufacturing purposes. Tenants of the Free Zone enjoy tax benefits (up to 2015).
  • Manufacturing Services: private labels, manufacturing outsourcing.
  • Distribution Center: reception and transport of goods to either the Bonded Warehouse or to the Free Zone, inventory management, preparation of orders, delivery and distribution of goods.
  • Added Value Services for merchandise that has not yet paid import taxes and will be re exported: picking, assemble of promotions, packing, re packing, thermal sealing and strapping. 

Bonded Warehouse

  • Storage of goods that have not yet paid import taxes.
  • Partial payment of import taxes as the stored goods are taken out of the bonded warehouse.
  • Storage of specialized merchandise (paper reels, toxic and poisonous substances, chemicals, compressed gases, flammable materials, fuels, etc.).
  • Cargo consolidation services.


  • General storage of goods.
  • Distribution: design of distribution networks and distribution of goods across the country.
  • Value added services for nationalized or locally made merchandise. 
  • Customs procedures services.
  • Transportation: of bulk and loose cargo.  Availability of 20 & 40  feet trucks servicing Guatemala, El Salvador,  Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and México, as well as small trucks for local distribution. Truck security services.
  • Consulting services on international trade issues.

Other Services

  • Issue of guarantee certificates backed by the goods stored at the General Deposit Warehouse in order to facilitate financing opportunities for the holder.